Below are testimonials from past clients and associates of Vernaci Construction Inc.

“In my experience, Vernaci Construction and their Staff possess the knowledge, competence, and management skills needed to deliver a succssful Construction Project.”

Rick Rohlfing

Senior Project Manager, BFA, Inc.

“Overall, we had reduced our expenditures by fixing the problem the right way, one time, by hiring the best, Vernaci Construction.”

Greg Rowland

Sr. Manager I, Walmart Stores, Inc. (Retired)

“The VCI team has the skills and experience to recommend cost saving approaches to difficult budget constraints and help overcome challenges of unexpected conditions at the site.”

Mike Gilbert

The Jones Trust, C.O.O.

“I have found Vernaci and their crews to be professional in their approach and their safety record is among the best in the industry.”

Thomas L. Hollenkamp P.E., S.E.

Ameren Missouri, Chief Dam Safety Engineer, Director of Civil and Hydro Engineering

“Your commitment to service to the owner, quality work and safety are evident.”

William S. Johnson

President, St. Louis Bridge Construction Company